Beautiful Colors: The Posters of Duran Duran

If you’re a mega Duran Duran fan, or Duranie, you will want to snap up this new book – Beautiful Colors – which examines the career of Duran Duran through the posters.

Beautiful Colors - The Posters of Duran Duran

Makes a perfect last minute gift for that Duran Duran fan in your life! *hint hint*

To learn more about the author, Andrew Golub, visit his website here:

Lost New Wave

David and I are unwinding after last night’s successful Sex Dwarf party. Over 200 energetic, new wave-loving bodies graced the dance floor. The theme was Love Will Tear Us Apart. You can check out the playlist here.

Anyways, as always we’re still in new wave music mode. We dug through some of his record collection. He’s never actually counted how many, but it’s easily close to 10,000 in my estimation. Of course a respectable chunk of the collection is 80s new wave, including incredibly rare, obscure LPs and 12″.

So without further adieu we bring you some lost New Wave from the ’80s…

Positive Noise – Give Me Passion (1981)

The Assembly – Never Never (1983)

Justin – Think (About It) (1981)
NO VIDEO! Not even just the song! What a crime!
But here’s a link so you know it does exist! David has it on 12″ though.

First Affair – Stay (Don’t Hide Away) (1985)

Matt Bianco – Sneaking Out the Back Door (1984)

Barry Manilow & Kid Creole – Hey Mambo (1987)

Modern Romance – Best Years of Our Lives (1982)

Pioneer Girl – Yip Yip Coyote (1984)

*produced by Tony Mansfield of New Musik!!*

General Public – Hot You’re Cool

Way of the West – Drum (1982)

Enjoy. Perhaps more to come. 😉

We have lots more where that came from! 😮

New Wave Lesson #16197461

Here we are again; hanging out on a Friday night indulging in our passion of all music New Wave and related. Let’s travel back to the decade of the best music. No theme, just a mish-mash of good stuff we love and want to share with you. Stuff you may know and stuff you may not know. Let’s go back in time when music was truly innovative…

Grace Jones – I’m Not Perfect (But I’m Perfect For You)

Pet Shop Boys – Opportunities

Endgames – Love Cares

Robert Palmer – You’re In My System

Sharpe & Numan – Change Your Mind

Propaganda – P Machinery

Peter Gabriel – Shock the Monkey

Talking Heads – Crosseyed and Painless

Simple Minds – I Travel

Animotion – I Engineer

A Flock of Seagulls – Telecommunication

Sigue Sigue Sputnik – Success (12″)

EBN-OZN – AEIOU Sometimes Y

Visage – Pleasure Boys

Ultravox – The Voice (OK, I’m biased Ultravox is my favorite band of all time ;))

The Wild Swans – Revolutionary Spirit

Echo & The Bunnymen – Killing Moon

More to come…… 🙂

New Wave Rock – 80s Rock That Surfed the New Wave

Here are some Rock bands that espoused a New Wave sensibility (i.e. with production values, the use or non-use of synthesizers, and “New Wave” songwriting conception) who did or did not find critical success in either genre in the 80s.

Saga – On The Loose

The Tubes – Talk to Ya Later

Greg Kihn Band – Jeopardy

Felony – The Fanatic

Gary Myrick and the Figures – She Talks in Stereo

Chaz Jenkel – Questionnaire

Ian Dury – Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick

The Romantics – Talking in Your Sleep

Loverboy – Turn Me Loose

Peter Wolf – Come As You Are

New Wave Vault – More Obscurities

Here it is, another Saturday night and David & I are sitting at home and he’s opening his endless vault of New Wave knowledge — which resides under his beautiful head of red-blonde hair. Here we explore more obscurities; lesser known New Wave tracks, for one reason or another, got no airplay or little attention from the record-buying public.

Enjoy the flashback with us, eh?

Kaja – Shouldn’t Do That

M – Woman Make Man

PH D – I Won’t Let You Down

20/20 – Yellow Pills

Human Sexual Response – What Does Sex Mean To Me

November Group – Put Your Back To It

Hawaiian Pups – Baby Judy

Suburban Lawns – Janitor

The Photos – There’s Always Work

Ministry – Work For Love

Mi-Sex – Computer Games

Flash and the Pan – Hey St Peter

(What makes this a new wave song is the string synthesizer and the treated vocal reminicient of “Video Killed the Radio Star”)

More to come

New Wave (Anti Disco?) by Non New Wave Artists

The theme of this post is New Wave-inspired/Synth Driven music made by traditionally non-New Wave/Rock acts who cashed in on the trend when it was hot in the early 80s.

Alice Cooper – We’re All Clones

Robert Palmer – Si Chatoullieaux

Neil Young – Sample and Hold

Shaun Cassidy – Rebel Rebel (David Bowie cover)

Robin Gibb – Boys Do Fall in Love

Rod Stewart – Infactuation

Rolling Stones – She’s So Cold

Slade – Run Runway

Kiss – I Was Made For Loving You

Judas Priest – Turbo Lover

Happy New Wave Christmas

This post isn’t about New Wave Christmas music, just another post of random new wave music we’ve been listening to inspired by some digging through David’s crates.

Rodway – Don’t Stop Trying

The Buggles – On TV

TV Smith’s Explorers – The Servant

The Jags – Back of My Hand

Quincy – Turn the Other Way

The A’s – After Last Night

The Members – Radio

Positive Noise – Positive Negative

Red Box – Chenko (Tenka-io)

Space Monkey – One More Shot

Way Back 70s New Wave Synthpop

Jona Lewie – You’ll Always Find Me in the Kitchen At Parties

M – Moonlight and Musak

The Corgis – Drawn and Quartered

New Musik – Straight Lines

You can’t go wrong with any of these bands… ahhhh… goodnight!

Fun 80s New Wave Synth

Machinations – Pressure Sway

Pseudo Echo – A Beat For You

Q-Feel – Dancing in Heaven

Q-Feel – Heroes Never Die

Industry – State of the Nation

China Crisis – Working With Fire and Steel

Aztec Camera – Oblivious

Orange Juice – Rip It Up

New Wave Funkadelic

We’ve been listening to power ballads of the 80s all night, but now we’re heading into a funkier direction. Enjoy these obscure gems…

Fingerprintz – Catwalk

A Certain Ratio – Shack Up

Section 25 – Looking from a Hilltop

23 Skidoo – Kundalini

Pigbag – Papa’s Got a Brand New Pigbag

James White & The Blacks – Contort Yourself

Heading into another direction on the next post, my friends… stay tuned.