The Jam

If you’re a fan of late 70s and early 80s British rock, then you know who The Jam are. They were a mod revival band with punk and new wave flavor led by the uber cute Paul Weller. Probably best known in the States for their songs “A Town Called Malice” and “Beat Surrender”. However, they had other “hits”. My favorites, in addition to those previously mentioned, include:

“Going Underground”

“That’s Entertainment”

and for good measure “A Town Called Malice”


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  1. Frank (myspace frankie)

    The Jam has to be one of my favorite if not the most fav band of all time. I’ve love everything that Paul Weller has done for the Jam, and Style Council, to all his solo work. I was very dissapointed that I didn’t get to see Weller in NYC this year back in Jan-Feb where he performed 3 nights, each nite dedicated to parts of his career Jam, Council, Solo respectively. If Sex Dawarf ever decides to dedicate a night to the Jam/Style Council I would be there. I would be there and nothing would stop me from missing that night. The Jam are the best. Maybe you should consider a Ska night as well for Sex Dwarf. Tenderness…

  2. They really have so many great songs. The album Snap would be a very good introduction to them.

  3. The Jam are definitely worth listening to…Paul Weller is huge in the UK, and continues to make great music. I know earlier this year Bruce Foxton and Rich Buckler attempted a “Jam” reunion” but Weller declined to be involved. sad.

    I always liked Start! which is the Beatles’ Tax Man bass line twisted a bit.

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