There are so many underrated bands from the 80s. In the synthpop world, a lot of attention was lavished upon Soft Cell, Gary Numan, OMD, New Order, The Human League, among others. Blancmange never seemed to get the respect they deserved. I was excited to read on their official MySpace, that they have reformed and are working on a new album! I’m very much looking forward to it.

“Living On The Ceiling”

“Blind Vision”

“Don’t Tell Me”


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  1. “Don’t Tell Me” always puts me in a good mood! Sweet!

  2. The middle eastern melody and rhythms in Living on the Ceiling are hauntingly beautiful and have always been a favorite of mind. For some reason thoughts of Ofra Hazi jumped into my head as I was listening. She is another 80s artist who never really got the attention she deserved while she was alive. Or even now for that matter.

  3. I love Ofra Haza’s voice. God rest her soul.

  4. I love that 80s Synthpop sound, and those always classic music videos.

  5. Thanks for commenting, Jim! 80s synthpop is a passion of mine, in addition to the “new wave” and alternative. It’s good to meet people who share the same fondness for it.

  6. I would agree with the respect thing, they were just there…

    Don’t Tell Me, Blind Vision and Waves are all superb.

  7. I agree with the first poster: “Don’t Tell Me” is their finest.

    On May 25 1985 8 of the US Billboard top 10 were by British artists. Duran were there in the guise of the Power Station. To get the whole list, go to

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