New Wave is not dead in Philadelphia!

I know I haven’t posted much this week, I have been distracted I guess you could say. I promise to have another featured band soon. In the meantime, read the recent press that Sex Dwarf (the event I DJ at) got:


I do want to make one clarification in the article: I like 80s goth and industrial. I am NOT a fan of the newer stuff that is played at goth/industrial clubs… such as the really noisy, repetitive crap i.e. Combichrist, etc. I like some modern synthpop acts such as Covenant, Seabound, and Wolfsheim. But that’s about it. I don’t even really like VNV Nation much anymore. My current tastes run far more into the “indie-electro” arena. Bands such as VHS or Beta, Editors, Interpol, She Wants Revenge, The Rapture, Ladytron, CSS, Klaxons, Justice, etc.

I felt the need to make this disclaimer as I don’t want to miss out on opportunities to spin because of being pigeon-holed an “80s/goth/industrial” DJ. Robert had very good intentions by stating in addition to our passions for new wave, we both have other musical tastes outside of 80s new wave. We both have diverse musical tastes that run the gamut. I honestly couldn’t spin at a current goth/industrial club unless they were having a strictly “old-school” night.  Otherwise, I don’t have any of the new music that would make that crowd happy.

I do, however, have a lot of the new indie dance stuff that would make the “hipster” crowd happy. I’m dying to play at event that showcases that kind of music. I just haven’t pursued it yet.


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