The Cure

It was recently announced that The Cure cancelled their North American tour dates. I’m probably the only one happy about this. You see, they were playing Philly the same night as Sex Dwarf. Our crowd would have still been good (thanks to the 80s Rockabilly theme), but some of our Cure-loving regulars would have missed the night. So that solves that problem. 😉

Furthermore, I’m glad they will take the time to finish their new album. I’d rather they deliver a quality record then tour in support of it. It makes sense to me anyways.

They have so many great songs. It’s always wonderful to revisit their discography.

“A Forest”

“Killing An Arab”

“Boys Don’t Cry”

“Just Like Heaven”

“Pictures of You”

“Fascination Street”


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  1. oooo I luvers me some cure, hmmm and I know this guy that can do his hair like Roberts and sort of looks like him when he does :p

  2. The Cure are one of my favorite all time bands yet they have a bunch of songs I do not like. Having said that, there are still hours of their music I could listen to. “A Night Like This” is perhaps my all time favorite by them but there are a few others. I am afraid, or proud (depending whom I am talking to) to admit I can play every note on every instrument and sing every note except one on “Just Like Heaven” and when I saw them live Robert couldn’t hit that note either 😉 And you know I was paying attention for that. I was in Paris when “Head on the Door” came out and you want to talk about a whole freakin’ city going nuts over a band and an album – Vive La France!

  3. Not a huge fan of The Cure, but I really love The Walk and Close To Me…

  4. I think this is truly one of thee most talented Bands of all time*

    I was Lucky enuf to see them twice + they make sound like no one else*

    Atmospheric + sweet Crunch of Guitar*

    that Orange DVD is unreal*


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