Bronski Beat

A while back, my friend Jokerelli suggested I feature Bronski Beat.  Well, here I am chillin’ out on a Friday night listening to 80s Fridays on AltRok Radio and “Smalltown Boy” by Bronski Beat came on.  I so love this band.  The Jimmy Somerville-era ekes out the John Foster-era in my opinion.  While I adore songs such as “Hit That Perfect Beat” and “C’mon C’mon”, it doesn’t hold a candle to “Why?” and the remake of “I Feel Love”, a duet with Marc Almond of Soft Cell.

“Smalltown Boy”


“I Feel Love” (with Marc Almond)

“Hit That Perfect Beat”


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  1. I loved Smalltown Boy from the first moment I heard it. I guess you either like the sequenced synthpop thing or you don’t. Jimmy’s unique voice made it that more special. I have to agree with you as I prefer the earlier stuff too.

  2. I liked Smalltown Boy, loved Why? and adored Hit That Perfect Beat. What I hated about Bronski Beat was the way they were picked on for being gay and trying to deliver a serious message via their music.

    Smash Hits really pushed for them about the time of the release of Smalltown Boy, which was how I took the chance and bought the single without hearing it. The tabloids just wouldn’t leave Jimmy Somerville alone though due his being very outspoken on gay issues at a time when AIDS was huge in the headlines and gay men in particular taking the brunt of negative publicity. His being arrested for relieving himself in public just added fuel to the fire, despite it being a pretty innocuous offence. Luckily musically at least, they could do no wrong.

    I do wonder if that’s why we ended up with the Jon Jon period, which was a bit camp and fun – an extension of the Somerville period, but without the politics.

  3. Love this band, and they did a great cover of I Feel Love, in fact that might be a good song for Sex Dwarf :>

  4. oh man funny you should post this I actually have “Perfect Beat” on a 12″ 45rpm but I figured every 7″ was 45 and every 12″ was 33… long story short I played the extended 8:30 mix of the song at 33rpm that was so great yet embarrassing oh man it must have taken twenty minutes hahaha

  5. I love Smalltown Boy!!! I was listening to the “Fred” channel on XM radio and heard it there…. soo good!!!

  6. Oddly enough Leon, when I was younger I asked the girl in a record shop to play the 12″ version of Damned Don’t Cry for me and I’m grooving along when she notices it’s on 33RPM. And I was saying “wow, that’s really good”. Must’ve looked a right idiot. Still bought it though.

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