Dave Gahan

Dave Gahan released his second solo effort, Hourglass, this past October. After Paper Monsters, my expectations for Hourglass were admittedly low. So when I listened to it for the first time, I went in with an open mind. Thanks to that, I can walk away and say “It’s a pretty good album.” I even like some of the slower, less industrial-sounding tracks. Very reflective, moody.

Overall, my favorites would be “Kingdom” (the first single), “Deeper and Deeper”, “Endless”, and “A Little Lie”. While similarities to Playing the Angel (Depeche Mode‘s last album) lie within (dark, electronic) — Dave Gahan is the legendary voice of Depeche after all — this album shows his maturity and progress as a solo artist.

While not excellent — it doesn’t flow as much as I’d like — it’s heaps better than Paper Monsters! I’m sure it will continue to grow on me with more listening.


“Saw Something”

“Dirty Sticky Floors” (JunkieXL vocal remix)

just because I go APESHIT over any JunkieXL remix


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  1. OK, I’ll bite. My personal feel is that the rest of DM did not feel these songs were good enough for them. Still, it’s better than a lot of the stuff that’s oot there. I really can’t see any other reason why he went solo with these. Other than the remix there is no great departure from the DM sound. And even the remix is not that big a departure other than being a bit trancier.

    Happy New Year!

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