In case you haven’t heard by now, Yazoo is preparing to release a 4 disc box set and perform their first live gig together in 25 years!  You don’t know how thrilled this makes me!  Right now the tour dates are in the UK (natch), but I am holding out hope they will cross the pond.  *fingers crossed*

“Nobody’s Diary”

“Don’t Go”

“Only You”

“State Farm” (sadly not a real video)


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  1. Man those boys from Erasure have been busy. Not just with their latest releases, Andy Bell and Vince Clarke’s solo stuff, touring and now this. At a point in their careers when most pop artists are riding into the sunset, Vince Clarke is more prolific than ever!

  2. What’s next? Vince Clarke reuniting with Depeche Mode?! 😉

    I saw Erasure live last summer and they were phenomenal. I really hope Vince and Alison come over to the US for some shows. I would totally go & I know a lot of others who would as well.

  3. I’m hoping to go to the Glasgow gig, hope it’s recorded for a DVD release…

  4. Si, you lucky duck! Yes, a DVD would be great.

  5. Just bought my ticket for Glasgow in June, very expensive but worth it…

  6. Yay, my ticket arrived!!!

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