Adam Ant

I was recently contacted by Essential Works – a UK-based book publisher – regarding a new book they are working on with 80s new wave legend Adam Ant.

Tentatively titled Adam Ant Art, it will be a very personal book from Adam that celebrates his artistic influences and inspirations, both musical and visual, and will include words and pictures on his musical and artistic heroes. The book will feature some of Adam’s unpublished original artworks, storyboards for videos, sketches, collages and original hand-written lyrics and lyrical ideas.

Adam Ant Art book

Pretty cool if you ask me! I figured all you Adam Ant fans out there would like to know!

“Stand and Deliver”

“Desperate But Not Serious”

“Kings of the Wild Fronteir”

“Ant Music”


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  1. Yey! Adam & the Ants. Marco Pirroni is god! “That music’s lost its taste
    so try another flavour” That line was like the answer to my prayers growing up surrounded by guidos, hippies and metalheads.

  2. Adam Ant plans a comeback soon!

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