Obscure New Wave/80s

I just posted about Lene Lovich.  It has inspired me to keep writing about obscure 80s.  Much like other bloggers I love & know do.  Some of them are listed in my blogroll.  Others are not.

If it’s something I pride myself in knowing, it’s obscure 80s music. I don’t always get to play at it the events I spin at, but it’s the music I adore.

Do you know Figures on a Beach?  No? You should!

Look forward to learning more about obscure 80s new wave & alternative in 2009 from DJ Marilyn Thomas, the New Wave Diva! 🙂


About Marilyn

Gastronomic Hedonist, Tiki Lifestyle Dreamer, Digital Marketing Professional, Former Nightclub DJ, Happy Homemaker Wannabe, Cat Mommy, etc.

Posted on February 9, 2009, in new wave. Bookmark the permalink. 1 Comment.

  1. I don’t remember these guys at all. Kinda a cross between Brian Ferry and INXS IMHO. Interesting little nugget nonetheless.

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