Duran Duran Appreciation Day on Facebook

Duran Duran Appreciate Day is EVERY DAY!Duran Duran decided that today would be a great day of appreciation for them. Not that I need one day to step back and appreciate them; I appreciate them every day, but OK.

Appreciate with me, won’t you?

“New Moon on Monday”

“Union of the Snake”

“My Own Way”

“Hold Back the Rain”

“All You Need Is Now”

From the new album; great song! It’s an appearance on a British TV show. John Taylor looks awesome. ‘Nuff said.



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  1. Hopefully getting tickets to see them at The Tower on October 17th for the 10th time in 30 years shows my appreciation for Birmingham’s finest!

  2. PS Power Station or Arcadia???

  3. Two thumbs up on Arcadia,I saw Power Station at The Spectrum in 85 {OMD opened} but I never upgraded Power Station to cd,meanwhile “So Red The Rose” remains a staple on my ipod….
    Good luck getting Borgata tix,I’d love to ditch my nose bleed seats at The Tower for The Borgata but I think I have family in town that weekend,not sure they’d want to go and since I only see them once a year can’t very well blow them off either

  4. I will be seeing OMD next month. Yays!

  5. Me to,it’ll be a trip down memory lane as OMD was my first ever gig way back in Dec 80 at Hammersmith Odean….ah memories!!

  6. Time to make new memories then 🙂

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