More about Erasure & Anonymous Internet Trolls

I had my first negative comment left on the blog. It was left anonymously, of course! I removed it, but still wanted to comment on it. The gist was that I’m “a parasite” because I don’t create anything and as a “DJ” I “just play other people’s records.” So naturally that means I’m not allowed to have an opinion about new music, right?

Let me clarify I never said I hated the song or that Erasure now sucks. While I will always adore Erasure, I haven’t loved everything single song they’ve put out. This song just didn’t do it for me. One of the reasons I’m not feeling it, is I’m really not a fan of auto-tune & I was surprised to hear it employed on this record. Especially since I think Andy Bell’s voice is so beautiful is really doesn’t need it! Many others have agreed with this point.

Also, I didn’t say that I wasn’t going to buy the album. I certainly wasn’t encouraging others not to buy it or give it a chance either. I’m totally going to listen to the full album. And I totally encourage others to as well. Erasure still rules in my book despite a 1st single that didn’t quite grab me the way I thought it was going to.

Yes, I play “other people’s records” because I love the opportunity to share a love of “other people’s music” with a crowd – a crowd I know who appreciates it and might actually go out there and buy the records, buy tickets to a concert, buy merchandise, etc. I’m helping to keep the spirit of a generation alive and well with fans old and new.  Educating people on music they might never have heard before is a thrill to me! Naturally someone who has time to troll blogs and comment anonymously is doing a MUCH BETTER job of that than I am.

Finally, the comment I loved the most was something about me “being nostalgic about a generation that you were never a part of.” They obviously know me so well. I may have been young in the ’80s, but I remember the generation. I hoarded mix tapes, taped from radio as early as I can remember. I demanded MTV (when it actually played videos) and taped videos to VHS as early as I can remember. I most certainly had the records and cassettes as a child. I might not have been a part of the clubbing scene at the time, but I surely was IN that generation. I love 80s music (and, as a result, 80s nostalgia) because it is what I grew up listening to and it reminds me of a better time – when there weren’t anonymous internet assholes!


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  1. Wow, that troll must have stuck a nerve. You shouldn’t responded to the trolls comments without printing the trolls comments. Reading your reply you seem to come off sanctimonious like you are doing “God’s work”. Who cares if a troll questioned your “street cred” I guess music these days is like a religion and you are a missionary.

  2. To be honest? I forgot to copy & paste the comments in full before deleting them. Couldn’t get it back once I deleted. I’m fully sure “Satan” will be back eventually. Trolls gonna troll?

    Anyways, thanks for commenting Tom. Just a head’s up, if you don’t like my blog or blogging style – there is a back button on your browser. Just sayin’.

    If this music is a religion, I’ll gladly be its missionary.

    The Sanctimonious New Wave Diva!

  3. Marilyn,so sorry to hear somebody posted a negative anoymous comment on your blog,it’s the scourge of the blogger,I post a blog also and had to disable the comment feature over a year ago as someone wanted to use my blog as a platform to slag me off…..anoymously of course!!!
    It sucked I couldn’t allow anyone to post comments so I restored the feature…..lo and behold another slew of negative and anoymous comments so I made it that it’s impossible to post comments anonymously
    now not sure if WordPress gives you that option?
    In blogging as in life if people don’t have the stones to put their name to a negative comment…..screw them I say!!!,although I’m a newcomer to your blog I can feel your passion for the 80’s and the great music that came from that wonderful era,I myself was too young for Punk in the mid to late 70s{hard to be PUNK when you’re 13 and still in high school!!}but that dosen’t mean I can’t be passionate about it.
    Keep up the good work,don’t let the Annoying Mouses of this world stop you!!!

    • Thanks Kevin,

      I’m glad someone sees the passion. This music is a big part of my life & my identity & I won’t apologize for that! I don’t have to justify it. I *AM* the New Wave Diva regardless! 😀

      BTW – I reset my comment settings so that “Comment author must have a previously approved comment”. 🙂

      Thanks for the kind words!

  4. In Erasure’s own words: “Drama!” Who the eff cares? Did you see that set list??!! There’s gotta be a dozen hit singles in that show! Plus, with the theatrics & the stage sets, it should be a magical night. Yeah yeah – they’re trying to sell new product. That’s nice. But it’s good to see they know what fans wanna hear – new & old. Vince Clarke played for me 30 years ago, & I’m glad we’re both still around to do it all over once again. Quest

  5. To borrow a quote from “4 paddies I’m a big of”
    “I must be an acrobat,to live like this and talk like that,and you can dream so dream out loud and don’t let the b!@#$^&s grind you down”
    Stand tall and repeat after me”I am Diva,hear me roar!!!!” :0

  6. That should read “big fan of” but that’s what happens when the fabric of society get’s twisted,some internet troll has a pop at the New Wave Diva and my capacity as an English major goes out the window…..

  7. sorry, but just to say, i’ve heard from an interview with Vince that sometimes, yes, auto-tune can be needed with Andy. I am a lifelong Erasure fan and plan to see them for the first time at House of Blues Dallas, and I will always love Andy’s voice for the times in my life when no one could sing it more sweetly, and rock me gently with his energy.

    But always on key…sorry, not the case.

  8. Thank you for the polite comment! I’m looking forward to seeing them, too.

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