New Wave Vault – More Obscurities

Here it is, another Saturday night and David & I are sitting at home and he’s opening his endless vault of New Wave knowledge — which resides under his beautiful head of red-blonde hair. Here we explore more obscurities; lesser known New Wave tracks, for one reason or another, got no airplay or little attention from the record-buying public.

Enjoy the flashback with us, eh?

Kaja – Shouldn’t Do That

M – Woman Make Man

PH D – I Won’t Let You Down

20/20 – Yellow Pills

Human Sexual Response – What Does Sex Mean To Me

November Group – Put Your Back To It

Hawaiian Pups – Baby Judy

Suburban Lawns – Janitor

The Photos – There’s Always Work

Ministry – Work For Love

Mi-Sex – Computer Games

Flash and the Pan – Hey St Peter

(What makes this a new wave song is the string synthesizer and the treated vocal reminicient of “Video Killed the Radio Star”)

More to come


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