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More about Erasure & Anonymous Internet Trolls

I had my first negative comment left on the blog. It was left anonymously, of course! I removed it, but still wanted to comment on it. The gist was that I’m “a parasite” because I don’t create anything and as a “DJ” I “just play other people’s records.” So naturally that means I’m not allowed to have an opinion about new music, right?

Let me clarify I never said I hated the song or that Erasure now sucks. While I will always adore Erasure, I haven’t loved everything single song they’ve put out. This song just didn’t do it for me. One of the reasons I’m not feeling it, is I’m really not a fan of auto-tune & I was surprised to hear it employed on this record. Especially since I think Andy Bell’s voice is so beautiful is really doesn’t need it! Many others have agreed with this point.

Also, I didn’t say that I wasn’t going to buy the album. I certainly wasn’t encouraging others not to buy it or give it a chance either. I’m totally going to listen to the full album. And I totally encourage others to as well. Erasure still rules in my book despite a 1st single that didn’t quite grab me the way I thought it was going to.

Yes, I play “other people’s records” because I love the opportunity to share a love of “other people’s music” with a crowd – a crowd I know who appreciates it and might actually go out there and buy the records, buy tickets to a concert, buy merchandise, etc. I’m helping to keep the spirit of a generation alive and well with fans old and new.  Educating people on music they might never have heard before is a thrill to me! Naturally someone who has time to troll blogs and comment anonymously is doing a MUCH BETTER job of that than I am.

Finally, the comment I loved the most was something about me “being nostalgic about a generation that you were never a part of.” They obviously know me so well. I may have been young in the ’80s, but I remember the generation. I hoarded mix tapes, taped from radio as early as I can remember. I demanded MTV (when it actually played videos) and taped videos to VHS as early as I can remember. I most certainly had the records and cassettes as a child. I might not have been a part of the clubbing scene at the time, but I surely was IN that generation. I love 80s music (and, as a result, 80s nostalgia) because it is what I grew up listening to and it reminds me of a better time – when there weren’t anonymous internet assholes!


R.I.P. John Hughes

R.I.P. John Hughes

R.I.P. John Hughes

As I’m sure many of you are already aware, classic 80s movie director & producer John Hughes passed away today. It is such a sad day for us 80s kids who grew up watching such classic films as The Breakfast Club, Pretty in Pink, Weird Science, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, and Uncle Buck (to name only a few). These are movies that literally defined a generation!

The soundtracks to these teen flicks were also classic. In fact, I can’t NOT think of his movies when I hear these great songs…

“Don’t You (Forget About Me)” by Simple Minds (The Breakfast Club)

“If You Leave” by OMD (Pretty in Pink)

“Weird Science” by Oingo Boingo (Weird Science)

“Eighties” by Killing Joke (Weird Science)

“Love Missile F1-11” by Sigue Sigue Sputnik (Ferris Bueller’s Day Off)

“Oh Yeah” by Yello (Ferris Bueller’s Day Off)

“Wild Thing” by Tone Loc (Uncle Buck)

(And yes, I did, and still do, like Tone Loc!)

Thank you John Hughes… for the movies and the memories.

You will be missed. 😦

Modern Rock Internet Radio


If you’re looking for a station that plays “vintage” modern rock – from the 80s and the 90s – then by all means tune into WOXY’s Vintage channel.  I’ve been listening to it all day and enjoying it quite a bit.

Go on, do it, you won’t be sorry! 🙂

80s Social Network

Hey folks, I created an 80s fans social networking site. If you’re interested in joining and participating, by all means click on the 80s image below! Or simply click here, too.

80s Mania!