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Speaking of bands that should have made it, but didn’t — let’s talk about Endgames. Back in the day, they were compared to bands like ABC, Haircut 100, and even Simple Minds. Though not quite as good looking as Duran Duran, they certainly were well-groomed. Sadly, they only released two albums, but they were goodies! I have the “Building Beauty” 12″. Every song on it is classic. How they found no success in the States is beyond me.

“Waiting For Another Chance”
(the only video I could find)

“Loves Cares” is filed under “video unavailable” on YouTube. And “First, Last, For Everything” used to be there as well, but I can’t find it at all now. Such a shame!

If you’re into downloading music, hunt down these songs immediately, if you don’t have them already. Or better yet, purchase the albums if you can find them on eBay or gemm or wherever you do your music shopping.  You’ll thank me.

And yes, there is a MySpace page! Run by original member David Rudden.