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New Erasure Single – When I Start To (Break It All Down)

I have to say when I first heard that Erasure were putting out a new album with non-other thank Frankmusik as the producer, I felt an extreme sense of glee. If you recall when I wrote this blog entry way back in 2009, I had become enamoured with Vincent Frank. I will admit, I lost track of him over the past year or so. I had no idea that he lost the fun, synthpop sensibility and started producing straight-up auto-tuned modern pop crap! I only discovered that the other day and, frankly, I won’t dignify it with any further mention.

Anyways, I had psyched myself up so much over the new album, Tomorrow’s World. I figured that whatever Erasure would put out, I would love, especially if Frankmusik had a hand in it.

Well, today, the first single “When I Start To (Break It All Down)” dropped. Color me mostly unimpressed. I hear Vince Clarke’s work there, but auto-tuning Andy Bell’s beautiful voice is just completely unacceptable to me! His voice is glorious. Leave it alone.

Click on the image below to listen to it on their website. I’d be curious to see what some of you think. I just hope they don’t break out the auto-tune at the live show. *CRINGE*

P.S. I still adore Erasure. 🙂


80s Concerts in Philadelphia 2011

Holy crap! It’s a New Wave Diva blog post! I haven’t touched this blog in ages. I decided to “revive” it today to post about all the awesome concerts coming up over the next few months. 2011 has been and continues to be an incredible year for live shows by some of my favorite 80s bands. I’ve already seen Gang of Four and Echo & The Bunnymen this year. Coming soon is…

Sunday, August 7th – Berlin with Terri Nunn at World Cafe Live.
Thursday, September 8th – Erasure at the TLA
Wednesday, September 21st – The Human League w/ Men Without Hats at The Keswick Theatre
Thursday, September 22nd – OMD at the TLA
Thursday, October 20th – Howard Jones at The Keswick Theatre

I hate to say it, but I *might* have to miss The Human League/Men Without Hats show. It’s on a work night in the ‘burbs and the night before OMD. Not sure if I can survive back to back shows on work nights. I must be getting old! 😉


I am going to see Erasure tomorrow night here in Red Bank. I’m very excited! So naturally they need to be my featured band.

“Love To Hate You”

“A Little Respect”

“Chains of Love”