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Cetu Javu

I guess in keeping with the European (German & Spanish!) synthpop theme, I suppose it’s only right Cetu Javu is featured. Check out these catchy tracks…


“Have in Mind” (bonus: set to Lord of the Rings)

“Por Que”

I couldn’t find “Situations” anywhere. That’s probably my favorite one by them. Especially the Razormaid mix. Gotta love Razormaid!



I recently discovered the blog New Wave Tunes. While browsing, I see “Computer Beat” by Rheingold. Oh man! I almost totally forgot about them. If you love Kraftwerk, but have never heard of Rheingold, do yourself a favor and check them out.  Oh, and shout out to Burning Flame for also recently featuring them. :>

I ❤ German synthpop!!! Thank heaven’s for YouTube!!!!!

“Computer Beat”


“Fan Fan Fanatisch” (my fave)