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It Hurts

I know, I know… I have sadly neglected this blog. I assure you new wave still pumps through my blood. I’m still DJ’ing 80s new wave in Philadelphia and love every minute of it!  I do have a day job, though, and I’m very immersed in it.

In any event, I have to give mad props to Billy Suede who continues to keep me informed of new music as well as remind me of the classics that are near and dear to my heart. Recently, Billy introduced us to a new band out of the UK called Hurts. Let’s face it, the Brits sure do know how to make music. These guys have taken an obvious new romantic influence and crafted beautifully lush melodies that have managed to melt even my cold heart.

Check out the song “Wonderful Life”. The 80s are back, my friends.