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Philadelphia Punk Rock Lives/The Bunnydrums

Yes, I call myself the The New Wave Diva. But believe it or not, I actually like a lot of punk rock. Perhaps a topic I’ll explore in depth in a future post.

Jokingly, not long after I started spinning at Sex Dwarf in 2003, I appointed the moniker to myself. It wasn’t just about marketing as it was simply affirming my love and authority of knowledge of the genre. Of course I remember New Wave when it was ‘new’. I was a wee lass, but it was hard to escape it on the radio and MTV in the early ’80s. Both of which I was never too far from. I must have terrorized my parents; I always wanted to have music on.

As I’ve gotten older, I have grown to have a greater respect and passion for the music. There’s just nothing quite like it.

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