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New Thomas Dolby album

Thomas Dolby is getting back into the electronic music making business. Thank the heavens! The man who basically created ‘steampunk’, has made his first album in 20 years!

A Map of the Floating City is based on a fictional world with a decidedly ‘dieselpunk’ aesthetic. The first two EPs, Amerikana and Oceanea, are available now. I haven’t checked them out yet. If you have, what did you think? Share with us!

There’s also an online trading game revolving around this fictional world, too. Could this guy get any cooler?

Anyways, read more about it on the sci-fi blog i09.


Thomas Dolby

How about some Thomas Dolby goodness?



“Europa & The Pirate Twins” (my personal fave)

and of course…

“She Blinded Me With Science”