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VHS or Beta

I know, I know… I haven’t posted in quite some time! I have good reasons; life is busy! But I do miss posting here, so I shall tonight! However, I am going to break out of the 80s for a moment!

My favorite band of the ’00s is VHS or Beta. Along with bands like Interpol, Editors, and others, it is evident they are influenced by many 80s new wave bands. Their new new wave sound may remind you of The Cure and Duran Duran amongst others.

I highly suggest if you are into the new breed of 80s-influenced indie rock, to check these guys out! Their new album “Bring on the Comets” is a solid, yet less dance-focused follow up to 2004’s “Night on Fire”. The sky is the limit for these guys, though. They’ve got the chops.

“Can’t Believe A Single Word” (from “Bring on the Comets”)

“Night on Fire” (from “Night on Fire”)

“You Got Me” (from “Night on Fire”)