80s New Wave Tip Toes Into The 90s

Heading into the late 80s into the 90s, bands that kept the cool fucking music spirit alive…

Pop Will Eat Itself – Def Con One

The Shamen – Move Any Mountain

The KLF – 3 AM Eternal

Snap – The Power

Technotronic – Pump Up The Jam

Information Society – Peace and Love, Inc.

Blur – Boys & Girls (Pet Shop Boys Mix)

Happy Mondays – Step On

Soup Dragon – I’m Free

The Farm – Groovy Train




The Obscure Hit Parade Continues…

Since we’re on the topic of Eurosynth and Eurodisco…

Cee Farrow – Should I Love You

Peter Baumann – Strangers in the Night

The Twins – Love System

The Mood – Paris Is One Step Away

The Sound – Heartland

The Wild Swans – Revolutionary Spirit

** Also known as “The Care”

Two Minds Crack – Cry, Cry, Cry

Camouflage – The Great Commandment

Moev – Crucify Me

More Obscure New Wave

And we’re still listening to some great “obscure” tracks. Fair warning: heading into Italo Disco (Italian New Wave) territory.

ESG – Moody

Total Coelo – I Eat Cannibals

Tight Fit – The Lion Sleeps Tonight

Baltimora – Woody Boogie

RAF – Self Control

Ryan Paris – La Dolce Vita

Ken Laszlo – Hey Hey Guy

Den Harrow – Tell Me Why


Obscure New Wave Lessons

David & I are listening to a variety of music tonight. We’ve journeyed through the decades, visiting various genres… everything from “Yacht Rock” and “Progressive Rock” to love ballads and oldies. But as always, we end up listening to our beloved New Wave. Here’s a few songs on our new wave playlist tonight…

Torch Song – Tattered Dress

White Door – Behind The White Door

Leisure Process – Love Cascade

Blue Rondo A’La Turk – Klacto Vee Sedstein

Animal Nightlife – Mr. Solitaire

Quando Quango – Love Tempo

Kid Creole & The Coconuts – Annie, I’m Not Your Daddy

Modern Romance – Everybody Salsa


New Wave Discovery 2

More New Wave Discovery from my David… who has a brilliant New Wave Encyclopedia Mind! Partially why I fell so madly in love with him, of course. 🙂

De Film – I Saw Your Dream

Ph.D – I Won’t Let You Down

The Blue Nile – The Downtown Lights

The Blue Nile – A Walk Across The Rooftops

The Blue Nile – Tinseltown in the Rain

Level 42 – Lessons in Love

The Kane Gang – Motortown

China Crisis – Arizona Sky

Donald Fagan – New Fronteir

(Fun fact: Donald Fagan’s partner Walter Becker produced China Crisis’ Arizona Sky — http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/China_Crisis)

New Wave Discovery

There’s no other title that will fit my return to blogging after an impromptu hiatus. I have been busy with life and work-you know the story. More specifically reconnecting and spending time with the Love Of My Life; the person who really propelled me into New Wave Passion 8 years ago. My history with David is long and convoluted and involves a little heartbreak… but we’re back together and for good this time. A true new wave love story if there ever was one!

We have been delving deep into the annals of New Wave History over the past few months as we’ve reconnected and affirmed our love. As usual, he keeps schooling me on songs by bands I love and I’ve never listened to, or just straight up stuff I have never heard.

Here’s a sampling of what we were listening to tonight:

Wax UK – Building A Bridge To Your Heart

Chaz Jenkel – Glad To Know You

Home Service – Only Men Fall in Love

Patrick Martin – Computer Datin’

Vivabeat – Man From China

Gentleman Without Weapons – Transmissions

Stranglers – All Roads Lead To Rome

Voice Farm – Elevate

Crash Course in Science – Cardboard Lamb

I’m all about obscure new wave. And it tickles me that I get to discover, or re-discover, music that I hold near and dear to my heart. Welcome back the New Wave Diva… and her New Wave Devo! Cheers!

More about Erasure & Anonymous Internet Trolls

I had my first negative comment left on the blog. It was left anonymously, of course! I removed it, but still wanted to comment on it. The gist was that I’m “a parasite” because I don’t create anything and as a “DJ” I “just play other people’s records.” So naturally that means I’m not allowed to have an opinion about new music, right?

Let me clarify I never said I hated the song or that Erasure now sucks. While I will always adore Erasure, I haven’t loved everything single song they’ve put out. This song just didn’t do it for me. One of the reasons I’m not feeling it, is I’m really not a fan of auto-tune & I was surprised to hear it employed on this record. Especially since I think Andy Bell’s voice is so beautiful is really doesn’t need it! Many others have agreed with this point.

Also, I didn’t say that I wasn’t going to buy the album. I certainly wasn’t encouraging others not to buy it or give it a chance either. I’m totally going to listen to the full album. And I totally encourage others to as well. Erasure still rules in my book despite a 1st single that didn’t quite grab me the way I thought it was going to.

Yes, I play “other people’s records” because I love the opportunity to share a love of “other people’s music” with a crowd – a crowd I know who appreciates it and might actually go out there and buy the records, buy tickets to a concert, buy merchandise, etc. I’m helping to keep the spirit of a generation alive and well with fans old and new.  Educating people on music they might never have heard before is a thrill to me! Naturally someone who has time to troll blogs and comment anonymously is doing a MUCH BETTER job of that than I am.

Finally, the comment I loved the most was something about me “being nostalgic about a generation that you were never a part of.” They obviously know me so well. I may have been young in the ’80s, but I remember the generation. I hoarded mix tapes, taped from radio as early as I can remember. I demanded MTV (when it actually played videos) and taped videos to VHS as early as I can remember. I most certainly had the records and cassettes as a child. I might not have been a part of the clubbing scene at the time, but I surely was IN that generation. I love 80s music (and, as a result, 80s nostalgia) because it is what I grew up listening to and it reminds me of a better time – when there weren’t anonymous internet assholes!

New Erasure Single – When I Start To (Break It All Down)

I have to say when I first heard that Erasure were putting out a new album with non-other thank Frankmusik as the producer, I felt an extreme sense of glee. If you recall when I wrote this blog entry way back in 2009, I had become enamoured with Vincent Frank. I will admit, I lost track of him over the past year or so. I had no idea that he lost the fun, synthpop sensibility and started producing straight-up auto-tuned modern pop crap! I only discovered that the other day and, frankly, I won’t dignify it with any further mention.

Anyways, I had psyched myself up so much over the new album, Tomorrow’s World. I figured that whatever Erasure would put out, I would love, especially if Frankmusik had a hand in it.

Well, today, the first single “When I Start To (Break It All Down)” dropped. Color me mostly unimpressed. I hear Vince Clarke’s work there, but auto-tuning Andy Bell’s beautiful voice is just completely unacceptable to me! His voice is glorious. Leave it alone.

Click on the image below to listen to it on their website. I’d be curious to see what some of you think. I just hope they don’t break out the auto-tune at the live show. *CRINGE*

P.S. I still adore Erasure. 🙂

Duran Duran Appreciation Day on Facebook

Duran Duran Appreciate Day is EVERY DAY!Duran Duran decided that today would be a great day of appreciation for them. Not that I need one day to step back and appreciate them; I appreciate them every day, but OK.

Appreciate with me, won’t you?

“New Moon on Monday”

“Union of the Snake”

“My Own Way”

“Hold Back the Rain”

“All You Need Is Now”

From the new album; great song! It’s an appearance on a British TV show. John Taylor looks awesome. ‘Nuff said.


Berlin – Live at the World Cafe Live on Sunday, August 7th

Well, the time is here. Tomorrow night is Sex Dwarf’s 8th Anniversary Party. I can’t speak for DJ Robert Drake, but I never imagined that I would still be doing this 8 years later. Surely I had hoped for it to be epic, but it exceeded all of my expectations.

Here we are – about to enter our 9th year of playing authentic new wave trax to the masses of Philadelphia in a kick-ass dance club.

One band that surely exudes new wave fabulousness of the early ’80s is BERLIN. A band that often visits the Sex Dwarf playlists. When we learned that they were playing a gig at the World Cafe Live on Sunday, August 7th, it was a no-brainer to feature them in our spotlight this month.

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